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We offer our customers a wide array of products. Our product list is constantly growing with our customer requests.  We have shipped our customers as large as heavy equipment to as small as a box of nails, and everything in between.  Whatever your need is, we will get it!  Our clients range from architects, quality surveyors, municipalities, government projects, retailers, restaurants, to homeowners.  Whatever your supply needs are, we will get it for you!

Some of the product requests we have filled...

  • Roofing products

  • Drywall products

  • Flooring, Windows, Doors

  • Joint Compounds, Abrasives, Caulks, Paints

  • Appliances

  • New and Used Equipment

  • Equipment Parts 

  • Electronics

  • Tools

  • Pool Products

  • Fencing

  • Electrical Items

  • Plumbing

  • Automotive Supplies

  • Mattresses & Furniture

  • Office Supplies

  • and much more...


As you will see from the list above we stand by our statement that no request is to big or too small.  Every type of business is important to us and we vow to supply your every need.  Some companies pay multiple buyers to procure their supply needs.  Save time and money and become more efficent with a trusted partnership in American Procurement Resouce, Inc.   We have been helping people all over the Caribbean in increasing business profitability while maintaining customer retention and expansion.

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